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It seems you are very much interested in what The Teen Store has hidden here, let’s take a tour so you can know more about us and maybe after this, we can become best of buddies.

Our Story: For The Young At Heart.

So just like any other story, here’s the one of how the two most eligible bachelors the ‘Manglani brothers’ had a thought of starting a venture together.

Hitesh Manglani (Co-founder)

A Computer Engineer. Umm well a degree is another thing but where your heart lie is always another. His was in a venture and who better than an annoying younger sibling?

Karan Manglani (Co-founder)

A graduate from the well-known H.R. College. Well it’s a dream of every graduate to start a business of its own when he is reluctant to study any further.

Both the Manglani brothers had their eyes on being ‘Entrepreneurs’. This lead them to a common motive with empty pockets but hearts filled with enthusiasm and determination. These highly ambitious, cricket lovers, party animals and travellers dreamt of being their own boss.

From purchasing products online to now making them under their own name they got their own ‘kick’.

Downside – Like every common man with zeal in their eyes, the two brothers faced a series of financial problems and didn’t wish to add any more to the list which is how the downside turned out to be their driving motive.

Strength – Right from good will power to goodwill brought to them by their lovely loyal customers and supporters. They managed to carve a place in this competitive business and be a trend amongst the teenagers.


Wait what? Yes! that’s how through the emotional talks between two brothers got them a name for this venture “THE TEEN STORE”

With the MOTTO of making every teen avail to almost everything of their choice and pattern and not what is offered to them readily to accept. To flaunt what belongs to them, and call them their design.

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